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I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Making and art since childhood and got a classical fine art education, then travelled a lot and interacted with European and American artists, absorbing different states of mind.


Various medias help me to embody my ideas the most precisely. I work with painting, graphics, video and three-dimensional forms.

I find important the synthesis of traditions and modernity and physical feeling of material.


I am Interested in human nature, physiology and psychology interraction and such feature as synesthesia.


Making art I want to “shake” peoples mind, promoting originality of thinking, showing abstract phenomenas

by metaphorical image.

I like the expression “noble hooligan”. It means to deploy high values by the mean of teasing and provocation. 


Among my favorite artists are Hanna Sobacko-Shostak (Ukraine), Kazimir Malevich,

Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois, Joseph Boyce. 

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